The following petpets can only be adopted by fosters and those with the ranks 'Just hopped on', 'Glad to help', 'Notably helpful', 'Ovation Worthy' and 'Truly Noble'.

Abominable Snowball : Airax : Alkenore : Altachuck : Altalaphus : Bloopus : Buzzer : Carma : Christmas Arkamite : Chuchuana : Cobrall : Crocalu : Donkasaur : Duocorn : Fangy : Fir : Flightning Bug : Floud : Ghoti : Gikerot : Greeble : Hopso : Karren : Khnum : Mallard : Magaral : Melvie : Mibblie : Narwhool : Naalala : Neddler : Petoot : Pikis : Poppit : Pyon : Quetzal : Scado : Scarabug : Searex : Selket : Sludgy : Snarhook : Spyder : Stego : Tapira : Tenna : Tomamu : Uggatrip : Uniocto : Wadjet : Walking Carpet : White Mallard : Wuzzle

Abominable Snowball (14)
A great friend... for as long as the weather stays cold.

Carey the Abominable SnowballAbominable Snowball
Personality: A small shy tyke who likes to be with others rather than by herself.
Pet Preference: Someone with lots of brothers and sisters to help her.
Level of Domestication: *****
Donated by: the wonderful immortalfrend704

Tibet the Abominable SnowballAbominable Snowball
Personality: Adventurous and rather fond of danger this Snowball enjoys the wild, rocky and icy passes of the Mountains.
Pet Preference: Wild.
Level of Domestication: **

Melt the Abominable SnowballAbominable Snowball
Personality: Melt loves warm, sunny beaches and sunbathing on Mystery Island. You might need to bring a freezer though.
Pet Preference: A sun-loving Neopet.
Level of Domestication: ***
Donated by: The lovely Leah

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Airax (5)
Airaxs will perch on your Neopets arm all day. They love to zoom up into the air and swoop around.

Zip the AiraxAirax
Personality: Zip is one hyperactive Airax who loves flying from one place to another. Whenever Zip feels tired, he'll usually perch over your Neopet's shoulder and caw quietly.
Pet Preference: Zip loves flying around all the time, so a Neopet who can keep up with him at all times is preferred.
Level of Domestication: ***

Fido the AiraxAirax
Personality: Fido is a little confused in a sense that he thinks he is the toughest Gruslen around. He is a flightless bird that is as loyal as any Gruslen and will guard your Neopet with his life.
Pet Preference: A Neopet that won't mind his Gruslen-like qualities.
Level of Domestication: **

Mitch the AiraxAirax
Personality:Mitch is a tough little guy who loves the rough and tumble of playfights! He can get quite anxious if he thinks your pet is really hurt though, and will demand hugs until he's satisfied that the pet is alright.
Pet Preference: Someone who loves playfighting and hugs!
Level of Domestication: ****

Skye the AiraxAirax
Personality: Skye is a a pure daredevil. He has no fear and shows great bravery to the point that some even fear him. No matter though, Skye is as ignorant as he is a daredevil.
Pet Preference: A neopet that has the same sense of adventure, and can keep up with him.
Level of Domestication: ***
Donated by: The lovely vegovy-->

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Alkenore (2)
Alkenores like nothing better than flitting through the clouds.

Lupin the Alkenore
Personality: Lupin loves the night and the moon, he can spend hours gazing up at the sky without getting bored.
Pet Preference: Someone quiet, who shares his love of the night!
Level of Domestication: ****

Sheila the AlkenoreAlkenore
Personality: Sheila loves attention, and she usually demands being groomed by her owner. She's sometimes a spoiled brat, but if treated well, she'll be a great companion to your Neopet.
Pet Preference: A Neopet who has the time to keep up with all her usual fussing about grooming.
Level of Domestication: *****
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Altachuck (20)
This Petpet is quite scared of loud noises, sudden movements, and anything that starts with the letter D. It needs a kind and loving Neopet to take care of it, but it will be quite loyal to its owner for ever and ever.

Squeaky the AltachuckAltachuck
Personality: Squeaky has a rich, melodic voice which is not squeaky at all! Blame Seredio, she's terrible at names. Anyway... he's a patient little petpet, who is quiet and generally slow moving.
Pet Preference: Someone that can explain the misunderstandings engendered by his name. Probably not a baby pet, as he isn't keen on high-pitched noises.
Level of Domestication: ****

Periscope the AltachuckAltachuck
Personality: Loves water better than land......if you ever lose her, look at Kiko Lake first! Such a great swimmer, really catches on to new things and ideas very quickly. Mystery Island is her favorite past-time, along with cooking at the Cooking Pot and training to be a tough lil' girl.
Pet Preference: A sweet Island pet, any gender, would be a perfect match! Any bright colors, and people who make their homes on Mystery Island would make this lil' gal smile.......also please have a pet that knows how to swim, and fish too. Needs a large, stable home with parents who understand just having to stay outside all day and night long!
Level of Domestication: ****

Simon the AltachuckAltachuck
Personality: A very sporty Altachuck! Loves any kind of sport - bring your tennis rackets and your footballs!
Pet Preference: An active Neopet, please!
Level of Domestication: ****
Donated by: the lovely Leah

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Bloopy (4)
A Bloopy will try and steal your Neopets food when it isnt looking. It can store food in its cheeks and double its size!

Thornberry the Bloopy
Personality: Thornberry loves fruit and veg! He enjoys gardening, and loves to harvest vegetables. He'll even bring them back to you impaled on his horns. Cute!!
Pet Preference: A pet that doesn't mind a petpet covered in berry juice. :shifty:
Level of Domestication: ****

Machu the Bloopy
Personality: Machu is an interesting petpet, who loves his sister Pichu and Aztec civilization.
Pet Preference: Someone that can visit Pichu and indulge his interest in the Aztecs.
Level of Domestication: *****

Pichu the Bloopy
Personality: Pichu is a bright and bubbly little Bloopy, who loves her brother Machu and is interested in Aztec civilization. Pichu is very easily distracted though, and often forgets what she is reading.
Pet Preference: A pet who can keep Pichu's motivation and interest levels high, as well as being able to visit her brother often.
Level of Domestication: ***
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Buzzer (6)
Buzz buzz buzz! Keep your pet happy all day, playing with this buzzy thing!

Brenda the BuzzerBuzzer
Personality: Vain and high-maintenance. Granted, she’ll love dearly any pet she’s paired with, but has no qualms about gossiping behind their back..she really can’t help it – we think it’s some sort of disease.
Pet Preference: Females, or maybe a handsome Buzz
Level of Domestication: ***

Frankie the BuzzerBuzzer
Personality: Greedy and mean, this worm’ll do anything you ask for a bit of cash. Convenient if you want revenge on one of your siblings, rotten if they have enough cash to get you back with the same weapon.
Pet Preference: Millionaires, Naturally!
Level of Domestication: **

Gabus the BuzzerBuzzer
Personality: Little Gabe rather enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners and long, indepth discussions on the existance of insane squids in outer space. Do you believe?
Pet Preference: Definitely a pet with a strange sense of humor.
Level of Domestication: ****

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Carma (10)
Carmas can catch food for your Neopet with their sticky tongue. Whether your Neopet wants to eat it is another question.

Leaflet the CarmaCarma
Personality: Leaflet is another petpet named by Seredio, but this time she actually got something right! Leaflet loves to hand out leaflets on PetPet protection, but is petrified of real leaves. I guess half right is better than not right at all, right?
Pet Preference: An owner who can help him on his quest to save all petpets from the evil petpet lab ray. Preferably city-based, as Leaflet freaks out when he encounters trees. So many leaves!
Level of Domestication: ***

Carl the CarmaCarma
Personality: Carl is a very mischevious little petpet, and always seems to find some way of getting into trouble. Just look at that evil little grin!
Pet Preference: Evil and adventurous.
Level of Domestication: **

Carly the CarmaCarma
Personality: Carly enjoys playing games. She is super energetic and a bit of a prankster. Her favorite game is hide-and-go seek. She also loves playing tags and her favorite day of the year is april fools' day!
Pet Preference: Carly needs a hyper pet. She would love a pet that is as big of a gamer as she is, but needs a pet that also knows when to say no (she can take advantage of some pets.)
Level of Domestication: **
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Christmas Arkmite (2)
Swordsmaster Talek originally found this species and trained them to be loyal guard fish.

Humbug the Christmas Arkmite
Personality: Humbug is a generally good petpet, who adores sweet things. Show him a candy-cane, however, and he turns vicious.
Pet Preference: Someone who doesn't like candy cane. Seriously.
Level of Domestication: ***

Noms the Christmas ArkmiteChristmas Arkmite
Personality: Noms is a bit of a rowdy petpet, and always chewing on anything red. He understands everything you say, but tends to ignore it. Just keep your red items hidden, and you might be able to get through to him.
Pet Preference: A pet who's favorite color is green.
Level of Domestication: **
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Cobrall (9)
It looks really mean but the Cobrall is a great companion for any Neopet. It can spit Negg juice up to 30 feet.

Sting the CobrallCobrall
Personality: Very fierce and strong. Doesn't need much care....just a tough Pet to look after! Loves defending in the Battledome, eating Soggy Old Boxes and smasing Cheery Blossoms. No girls or senstive types need to apply!
Pet Preference: Would love any Mutant, boy pet! Any tough-guys Pink, sissy ones here! Also, someone who would in the future or is currently battling is an even better plus!
Level of Domestication: ***

Hello Kitty the CobrallCobrall
Personality: Such a sweet gal, could never hurt a fly! She adores children, playing on playgrounds and being the baby of the family. Loves also to play dress-up, shop and spend her extra time on FaerieLand.
Pet Preference: A female pet, please, that way dress-up and tea-times will be fun for all! Any color or type is fine really, since Kitty can always give them a lovely make-over! Also, another baby of the family as a owner would be a good plus.
Level of Domestication: *****

Herby the CobrallCobrall
Personality: Very outdoor-ishy petpet, loves spending all day, every day in the great wilderness! Stands up strongly to protect the Earth, and any other Planet such as Neopia. Likes to camp, watch the sunsets on Mystery Island and hunt berries in Meridell.
Pet Preference: Another male, and a nature lover please! Loves green and blue colors, and someone who doesn't mind a little bit of sunshine every day! Would love to have an older pet, someone to look up to.
Level of Domestication: ****

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Crocalu (3)
One of the smallest Petpets to be found around Geraptiku, Crocalus can still give nasty bites.

Ally the CrocaluCrocalu
Personality: Ally is a sly wee thing, who enjoys hiding around corners and listening out for the latest gossip. She's got a secret herself though - she's a huge music fan and spends all her down-time over at the Concert Hall moshing to the music!
Pet Preference: Ally needs a pet who can continue her love of music, and perhaps keep her spying in line!
Level of Domestication: ****

Callie the CrocaluCrocalu
Personality: Callie is a feisty little girl. Fingers Beware! She has quite the bite. She is afraid of strangers but, once you get to know her, she will absolutely adore you and never bite you again.
Pet Preference: Callie needs a sensitive and patient pet. Also, a pet with good reflexes to avoid getting bit while they get to know her!
Level of Domestication: *
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Donksaur (3)
This little fella is very shy and doesnt like lots of light. It needs tons of attention so make sure your pet is ready for a pet of its own.

Eybore the DonksaurDonksaur
Personality: This dozy fella is always complaining of boredom. Probably because he doesn't DO anything! Never reads, never walks, never does ANYTHING!
Pet Preference: Someone who'll make him get up and get out. He needs to get something useful done!
Level of Domestication: ****

Dopey the DonksaurDonksaur
Personality: Dopey isn't the brightest bulb in the tanning bed. He often wanders around wondering where he is even if he has been there tons of times before. He can, however, be quite the loving sweety.
Pet Preference: Dopey would appreciate a very smart pet that can teach him lots of new things. He also requires constant supervision so an attentive pet would be great for him!
Level of Domestication: ***

Meric the DonksaurDonksaur
Personality: His almighty strength compensates for all his flaws. He is usually a very predictable character, but can easily become very defensive if his loved ones are involved.
Pet Preference: A neopet that will care for him the same way he does for them!
Level of Domestication: ****
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Fangy (3)
Whatever you do, dont let your Fangy get bored. They just cant help gnawing on things when there is nothing else to do.

Wiggle the FangyFangy
Personality: Wiggle dislikes movement. He prefers to sit, read...and wiggle his permanently loose fang!
Pet Preference: A quiet, friendly pet (who doesn't move much!)
Level of Domestication: *****

Foxy the FangyFangy
Personality: You hear a shuffling noise trail you as you walk. "Hmmm.." you think and turning around you see...."Nothing?" Odd. You turn back around to continue along your way and suddenly a Fangy pounces on you-hard- knocking you to the ground. She grins playfully way swishing her tail vigorously back and forth. "Uh oh...troublemaker" you think. Checking her tag, you see her name is "Foxy." You then pick her up and continue along your way home.
Pet Preference: A pet that will enjoy her boisterous nature.
Level of Domestication: ***
Donated by: The lovely Violet
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Fir (0)
This adorable little chap cant wait to be your Neopets bestest friend!

<--! Ratchet the FirFir
Personality:Ratchet is a friendly little tree. He's quite brittle though, so he's not a fan of moving around too much.
Pet Preference: Someone who doesn't mind staying in the same place.
Level of Domestication: **** -->

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Flightning Bug (3)
This round, brown bug can generate static in its wings to give a Neopet a nasty bbbbzzzap!

Aeroplane the Flightning BugFlightning Bug
Personality: Aero is very ditzy at times-- if she were human, blonde would be the fitting hair color! She means well, and cares very deeply for her NeoPets family and all other Petpets. Has a loving nature, great sense of humor and can fly farther than any ole' winged Petpet!
Pet Preference: Someone who understands that she's a bit slow at some things, but is dedicated. Needs a pretty large Neo-family, people that love to joke around and collect Gloomacinths for fun Would love someone who can also draw and color well.
Level of Domestication: ****

Verith the Flightning BugFlightning Bug
Personality: Verith is a bit of a grumpy bug to have around, but she means well. As long as you don't mind her dive-bombing at you once in a while, you should get along just fine!
Pet Preference: A strong neopet who has a light heart who can bring Verith out of her slumps would be ideal.
Level of Domestication: *

Gilbert the Flightning BugFlightning Bug
Personality: Poor Gil's the type of petpet that's scared of his own shadow. Even the phone ringing can give him a fright! Don't be surprised if you find him under the covers at night, he doesn't like the dark.
Pet Preference: A warm, caring Neopet would be the best match for Gilbert.
Level of Domestication: ****

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Floud (
Flouds just float around until they bump into something interesting. Never feed them carrots.

Esmeralda the FloudFloud
Personality: Eyes as clear as emeralds, she has the best visual acuity on record. She can see an ant from five miles away!
Pet Preference: No opticians, she might give them a heart attack
Level of Domestication: ****

Agar the FloudFloud
Personality: Rather stoic and dull I'm afraid. He doesn't seem to want to come out of his shell. Do Floud's have a shell? I'm not sure ^.^
Pet Preference: Maybe a Neopet not looking for excitement, just a friendly companion.
Level of Domestication: ****

Millicentthe FloudFloud
Personality: Elegant, refined, and was brought up to be the very best floud that she could be. She loves costume parties, balls, and would love to spend time with a pet who also enjoys the finer things in life.
Pet Preference: A Neopet equally elegant and refined, of course!
Level of Domestication: ***
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Ghoti (41)
Ghoti are beautiful, delicate creatures that need lots of care and attention.

Saiyo the GhotiGhoti
Personality: Saiyo loves nothing more than cold, cold water. Contrary to her island roots she will stay in a deep dark place just to stay very cold.
Pet Preference: A pet adept to the cold, or cold water
Level of Domestication: ***

Paille the GhotiPlushie Abominable Snowball
Personality: Basking in the sun is Paille's most favourite thing to do, and will find any excuse to do so! Always keep a bottle of sunscreen so that she does not burn.
Pet Preference: A beach-loving pet
Level of Domestication: ****
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Gikerot (0)
Living in the shelter of plants, the Gikerot likes sunning itself in the afternoon sun. It can easily jump and glide for short distances.

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Greeble (9)
It rarely opens its mouth, but when it does, its 20 foot long tongue can catch any fly.

O.J the GreebleGreeble
Personality: This slimy critter can talk his way out of any situation. He also refuses to tell where exactly he got those spiffy leather gloves…
Pet Preference: Dislikes females.
Level of Domestication: **

Gurgle the GreebleGreeble
Personality: Gurgle..doesn’t do much other than, well..gurgle.
Pet Preference: Old pets
Level of Domestication: ****

Grouchy the GreebleGreeble
Personality: A slightly aggressive PetPet, who is known to bite people who try and fuss him (dispite the fact he has no teeth).
Pet Preference: A pet with patience.
Level of Domestication: **
Donated by: The lovely Leah

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Hopso (13)
With its huge sticky feet and incredible sense of balance the Hopso can leap from anywhere and land on anything.

Legolas the HopsoHopso
Personality: Need I say more? A pretty boy Hopso with a thirst for heroics.
Pet Preference: An LOTR or archery fan. Legolas never goes anywhere without his trusty mini bow and arrow.
Level of Domestication: ****

Nintendo the HopsoHopso
Personality: MUST....GET....HIGH...SCORE... Obsessed with gaming, this little guy will gladly sit with your neopet who loves to click for hours on end playing games.
Pet Preference: A gamer.
Level of Domestication: ****

Henry the HopsoHopso
Personality: Henry is a textbook hopso, loves doing high jumps whenever he can.
Pet Preference: A nimmo would probably be best, but Henry would love any loving home he can get.
Level of Domestication: ****

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Karren (3)
Karren can hear things happening for miles around, which is just as well because they are nearly totally blind.

Giggle the KarrenKarren
Personality: She's Snort's sister, and possibly evil twin. Giggle likes ruining your favorite possessions, so hope you don't have anything valuable sitting in your neohome!
Pet Preference: She wants an owner who will take over Neopia with her. Pet must be able to take insults easily.
Level of Domestication: **

Carron the KarrenKarren
Personality: Being blind, Carron isn't into the usual petpet activities. She enjoys books being read to her, and her good hearing means she loves spending time with friends in large groups.
Pet Preference: Carron needs a pet who can take the time to continue her love of books, and who is caring.
Level of Domestication: *****

Oujia the KarrenKarren
Personality: Oujia can talk to the dead -- or at least she thinks she can. She loves anything dark and magical.
Pet Preference: A Zombie, Halloween, or possibly Darigan pet would suit her well.
Level of Domestication: *
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Khnum (4)
Khnum is a lazy fellow who will lay in the sand all day if left alone.

Flioris the KhnumKhnum
Personality: Has a very short attention span and almost always forgets what her owner tells her to do. She tries her best to be helpful though.
Pet Preference: Flioris would be best with a neopet who's very patient and won't punish her for making mistakes. Also, someone with a nightlight in their room would be great---Flio is afraid of the dark ^_~
Level of Domestication: ****

Rameses the KhnumKhnum
Personality:A regal petpet, who believes himself to be the heir to the throne of the lost desert.
Pet Preference: Someone who can cope with his grand aspirations, and teach him to be less lazy!
Level of Domestication: ***

Celtic the KhnumKhnum
Personality:Celtic loves to draw patterns! Her tendency to draw amazingly intricate patterns earned her her name.
Pet Preference: An artistic pet would be preferred, as she sometimes needs encouragement to complete her pieces.
Level of Domestication: ****
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Mallard (15)
It looks like a Petpet, acts like a Petpet, but when frightened, it makes a loud wail like a Wocky!

Wally the MallardMallard
Personality: Wally may seem like a grouch, but that’s only because he’s a little picky. He loves pushing balls around the room with his bill, and needs at least 14 hours of sleep a day.
Pet Preference: The pet has to be ready to put up with a little sourness, but it will pay off. Wally has a sweet side; you just need to know the right places to scratch and his favourite foods.
Level of Domestication: ***

Starling the MallardMallard
Personality: Candy-holic here, which means that Star is a highly hyper boy! Constantly on the run, usually trying to catch a word to use in Spell-or-Starve or reaping in NPs by Math's Nightmare.
Pet Preference: A pet that looks great gaining weight, since thats what you will do by eating 10 pounds of candy a day! Also would love any color of pet, but would greatly like a female owner
Level of Domestication: ****

Rident the MallardMallard
Personality: A happy-go-lucky gal who loves partying it up all night long! Enjoys spending her time by gardening, giving to others and finding great deals on the Auctions.
Pet Preference: A bright pet would do just to have a lovely, glad family who loves doing volunteer work. Needs someone that has a large amount of energy to keep up with Ridey!
Level of Domestication: ****

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Magaral (3)
Mee-meep, take me home, I will be the perfect pal for your Neopet

Fred the MagaralMagaral
Personality: A mischievous little petpet, Fred loves to see what kind of trouble he can get himself into. Be it while drawing on the walls, or while making mud pies.
Pet Preference: Fred is looking for a home that can embrace his ‘unique’ interests and personality traits. He would love to join forces with a younger neopet so they can get into lots of innocent mischief together.
Level of Domestication: ***

Binx the MagaralMagaral
Personality: Binxie isn’t the brightest of all magaral’s and that’s why he needs a new owner who can really look out for him, and protect him from the mistakes he often finds himself in. Often finding himself head first in a cookie jar or trapped in a closet he thought looked like a comfy sleeping place.
Pet Preference: Binxie needs a safe and loving home to nurture his investigative qualities, he also needs a neopet who will take good care of him and make sure he stays out of too much trouble.
Level of Domestication: ***

Mischief the MagaralMagaral
Personality: The best word to describe Mischief is loud, very loud! He's not a fan of using actual words, but he'll squeak and screech all day long as he bumps around quite happily without purpose.
Pet Preference: An outgoing pet, preferably a noisy one who won't mind all the squeaking!
Level of Domestication: **
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Melvie (1)
Even though they look quite tough, Melvies are very timid and they curl up into tight balls when they feel scared.

Sienna the Melviename of petpet species here
Personality: Sienna is...well...dumb as a brick, really. She just stands around and grins at you. But she's fun to cuddle with!
Pet Preference: A very young pet who won't be bored by Sienna and will love to use her as a stuffed animal.
Level of Domestication: ****
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Mibblie (11)
The Mibblie is often mistaken for a rock. This is a slow moving Petpet that tends to blend in to most environments.

Devin the MibblieMibblie
Personality: Devin oh so dislikes being stepped on, so please be wary of her while you let her play out in the yard. She has had a tendency to bite if you step on her - although it's not painful to her, she gets quite annoyed.
Pet Preference: A pet with keen eyesight to spot her and not step on her
Level of Domestication: **

Martin the MibblieMibblie
Personality: Martin is quite the little bookworm! He loves spending hours upon hours reading and learning new things. He will often walk up to you and tell you random facts that he has read!
Pet Preference: A pet that belongs to TBW would be great! But, in general, a pet that likes to read will be just fine. He wants a pet that will read to him as his eyesight is starting to deteriorate
Level of Domestication: ****

Rocko the MibblieMibblie
Personality: Rocko is a feisty little guy who loves tussling with the other petpets in the Agency. ^^
Pet Preference: A Battledoming pet would be perfect, as Rocko would love to help them out in battles.
Level of Domestication: ****

This Petpet loves to frolic in the meadows of Altador and eat the flowers it finds there. You should probably hide your tin cans and magical orbs as well.

Physis the NaalalaJuma
Personality:A down to earth petpet that loves the fall and just walking around out side.
Pet Preference: One that is really in to nature.
Level of Domestication: *****
Donated By: The lovely Kat_Face!
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Narwhool (1)
The Narwhool likes to live in cold, dank places, just like the caves under Krawk Island.

Nelly the NarwhoolNarwhool
Personality: Nelly is very animated. In fact, she thinks she is a cartoon! Therefore, she doesn't speak because she thinks that someone should speak for her.
Pet Preference: A pet that knows sign language. Also a pet that is very understanding and compassionate. Nelly needs a pet that is willing to stand up for her.
Level of Domestication: ***
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Nedler (2)
This little guy often makes a slurping type sound and may use its tentacles to grab on to things.

Yo-Yo the NedlerNedler
Personality: Yo-Yo loves collecting. He is often accused of kleptomania because of his obsessive impulse to grab things but he actually means no harm. If it belongs to someone else he will gladly return it.
Pet Preference: Someone with plenty of closet space!
Level of Domestication: ***

Bipsy the NedlerNedler
Personality: Bipsy has an aversion to touching anything that could be "contaminated" and this poses a problem since her tentacles seem to have a mind of their own at inopportune moments. She loves to latch & ride on the shoulders of her owner. She prefers being carried as rocks, flowers, & any yard debris tends to be a hazard.
Pet Preference: She loves to go out but owner must be willing to carry sanitizer & napkins with them at ALL times. Bipsy tends to be clingy to her owner since that helps keep the tentacles from grabbing as much.
Level of Domestication:****

Nancy the NedlerNedler
Personality: A performer through and through, Nancy loves to dance! She treats her tentacles like extra arms for poses that would probably be precarious without their presence. The highest perch possible is her preference. The view is just so much more inspiring from up there!
Pet Preference: A pet that adores dancing and won't mind Nancy climbing all over them. Warning: Will dance on her pet's head.
Level of Domestication:**
Donated by: The wonderful Aria
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Petoot (2)
So called for the high-pitched call it makes when scared - Pe-tooooot!

Piper the PetootPetoot
Personality: Piper loves making lots of noise, but since he has low vision he really hates the dark, and would make lots of infernal noise if left alone.
Pet Preference: A Neopet who can handle the noise Piper makes.
Level of Domestication: ****

Pepsi the PetootPetoot
Personality: Pepsi loves television! He could spend hours watching the box if he were allowed. Strangely he gets bored during the actual program though, and seems to prefer watching commercials.
Pet Preference: Either a Neopet who shares his love for flicking channels, or a Neopet who can bring him out of his shell and away from the TV.
Level of Domestication: ***
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Pikis (3)
A Pikis is a tiny floating bear who can show its emotion on its chest. If it is happy then you can see a big red heart!

Milky Joe the Pikis Pikis
Personality:Milky Joe believes that he is a coconut, and is determined to become part of the Coconut Shy in the Haunted Woods.
Pet Preference: An island pet would be ideal for Milky Joe, as he'd feel at home amongst other coconuts.
Level of Domestication: **

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Poppit (5)
The Poppit is a strange insect like creature. It uses suction to stick onto walls, and if it needs to, it sucks air into its body and can fire itself up into the sky!

Buttercup the PoppitPoppit
Personality: She is as smooth and yummy as butter! Loves playing on her Usuki Faerieland Playground, and adding to her butter collection. Also enjoys catching up on the News, and playing Sutek's Tomb. Enjoys playing with younger pets, and isn't afraid of getting dirty.
Pet Preference: Would love a yellow colored pet, to remind her of *butter*! Also a kid-at-heart, and someone who can swing as high as she can. Needs a family that doesn't mind babying her, and can play games for hours on end.
Level of Domestication: ****

Weezer the PoppitPoppit
Personality: Such an oddball, he is quite quirky and unique. Really enjoys learning about history and biology, and constantly has his nose in a book. Also is quite the artist, so have a lot of Crayons and Sketch Pads on hand!
Pet Preference: Someone who is an aquatic pet, or is coloured like the ocean. Needs a creative care taker, and someone is very supported of education and the Arts. Also, someone who is a bit off themselves.......
Level of Domestication: ****

Boom the PoppitPoppit
Personality: Boom's party trick is rather interesting- he puffs himself up like a balloon, then pretends to explode! Unfortunately this also happens when he's over-excited.
Pet Preference: A calm pet that can keep him from exploding and doesn't mind loud noises.
Level of Domestication: ***
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Pyon (2)
The Pyon is a great tracker, being able to sniff out anything burried in the desert sand. Dont cross it, however, or youll be met with the sting of its tail.

Poppy the PyonPyon
Personality:A feisty little petpet that has major anger issues. It loves being in the sand and sun, but hates the water so don't take it to a beach.
Pet Preference: One that is level headed and wont put up with a meanie like Poppy.
Level of Domestication: **
Donated By: The lovely Kat_Face!
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Quetzal (4)
A brightly coloured, inquisitive Petpet for your Neopet to look after.

String Cheese the QuetzalQuetzal
Personality: Cheese is an incredibly curious petpet. His favorite word is "Why?". He always wants to know how things work, where things come from, why things do what they do. He'll follow you around asking all kinds of questions just so that he can learn something new. And he has a weakness for pink items.
Pet Preference: A pet who also likes to learn and teach
Level of Domestication: ***

Aztec the QuetzalQuetzal
Personality: Aztec is a majestic Quetzal, who would love to join a royal pet in ruling over a kingdom.
Pet Preference: A Neopet that can loosen him up a little would be ideal, as Aztec can get a little snooty at times.
Level of Domestication: ***

Eels the QuetzalQuetzal
Personality: Eels is a mischievous little snake who loves to hide in clothes and scare people.
Pet Preference: Someone who can trick the trickster would be ideal.
Level of Domestication: ***
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Scado (3)
Scado is an underwater dweller that resembles a coconut. Some Skeith would even say that they taste like Coconut too.

Maureen the ScadoScado
Personality: Maureen is a very practical petpet, so much so that's it's believed by some that she has no emotions whatsoever. Organised to the point of perfection, she sets out each day knowing exactly what she wants to do, and she always gets it done.
Pet Preference: Someone sensible and not too chatty.
Level of Domestication: ****

Jaws the ScadoScado
Personality: Jaws is a vicious little petpet, who loves to bite people. The fact that he has no teeth seems to have escaped him, and Jaws continues to try and prey on anyone and everyone who approaches his fish bowl.
Pet Preference: Someone who can indulge his fantasies, and maybe teach Jaws that there's more to life than biting people.
Level of Domestication: *

Subero the ScadoScado
Personality: Subero loves cars! She can't get enough of them. She gets really excited if she sees a car she hasn't seen before, and has been known to jump clean out of her fish bowl!
Pet Preference: A pet that can help Subero in her quest to spot every car in the world!.
Level of Domestication: ****
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Scarabug (9)
The flying little Petpets referred to as Scarabug make a loud humming noise and often travel in huge swarms.

Scuttle the ScarabugScarabug
Personality: Scuttle is a friendly little guy, but is a tad lazy. His favorite activity is to just lounge in the sun in the Lost Desert.
Pet Preference: Scuttle would like a pet that isn't overly active, as he isn't. He would love it if his pet were painted Desert, but he really doesn't care what their color is, as long as they will love him!
Level of Domestication: ****

Jeremy the ScarabugScarabug
Personality: You can call him James if you like, he doesn't mind. He's quite laid-back and easy fact, he'd rather sit peacefully in the shade than do an ounce of work. Good luck getting him to do anything other than lounge!
Pet Preference: Jeremy would prefer a lazy Neopet, please.
Level of Domestication: ****

Samuel the ScarabugScarabug
Personality: Samuel hates it when people shorten his name to Sam or Sammy, so please, if you valgue your life, don't do it. He's quite stubborn, and more than a bit scary...
Pet Preference: An evil-minded Neopet would get along well with Samuel. Anyone kinder might get their feelings hurt!
Level of Domestication: *

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Searex (5)
Searex is the water going cousin of Airax. He can breathe out of water as well.

Piere the SearexSearex
Personality: Rather overweight, he isn't the most active of petpets. He spends most of his time slobbing around the bottom of ponds and lakes.
Pet Preference: He needs lots of exercise and a pet to 'motivate' him ^.^
Level of Domestication: ****

Glenda the SearexSearex
Personality: Glenda is known for her great compassion and modesty. She offers help where need be and requires nothing in return, because of this she is loved and respected by many.
Pet Preference: Any neopet will love her!
Level of Domestication: **
Donated by: The lovely vegovy

Saraid the SearexSearex
Personality: his competitive little girl is convinced that she is the very best at whatever she puts her mind to, particularly when participating in sports. She's very active, and despite her being a sore loser, she loves to work with a team.
Pet Preference: A pet who is very active, likes sushi, and won't mind getting the "cold shoulder" if they prove to be better than Saraid at something.
Level of Domestication: ***
Donated by: The wonderful Aria

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Selket (7)
A Selket will burrow underground at the first sign of danger.

Denub the SelketSelket
Personality: He doesn't have much of one. He's pretty lazy and enjoys basking in the sun and eating Sutek muffins. He's pretty low maintenance since he has no hobbies or interests.
Pet Preference: He'd like to live with a pet who is as lazy as he is. He doesn't want to have to be at someone's beck and call, so you can forget his being happy with a demanding pet. He just wants to eat and sleep, and would like an owner that wants to do the same.
Level of Domestication: ****

Shelia the SelketSelket
Personality: Shelia is a very shy Selket, indeed. She's not hard to get along with though - and she carries a wonderful tune! She only sings when she has her eyes closed though, so she can't see anyone who might be listening. It helps with the stage fright.
Pet Preference: A soft-spoken Neopet who enjoys Jazz would be a great match!
Level of Domestication: ****

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Sludgy (10)
He is sludgy, slimy and brown and wants to be your bestest pal!

Clime the SludgySludgy
Personality: Clime isn't very good at spelling. His name is said with a soft c. He is, however, devious. He likes to make bombs of sludge or slime, and toss them indiscriminately at people.
Pet Preference: Someone similarly devious.
Level of Domestication: **

Rufus the SludgySludgy
Personality: Rufus is one of the most loyal petpets your Neopet will ever have the chance of knowing. As long as your pet doesn't mind a bit of sludge slinging once in a while, they should get along famously well.
Pet Preference: Someone in need of some good old fashioned, mud-pie making fun!
Level of Domestication: ****

Burt the SludgySludgy
Personality: This Sludgy is quite well known among other Sludgies for his extensive knowledge of Sludgy history. Because of this, he comes with his own personal assistant, who helps him keep logs of all the comings and goings of Sludgies throughout Neopia.
Pet Preference: A book-worm would be best - that way Burt can continue his studies without being bothered too much.
Level of Domestication: **

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Snarhook (2)
Although Snarhooks have small arms they like to carry things using their hooked nose.

Jessup the Snarhooksnarhook
Personality: Don't leave anything lying around because he'll make a grab for it and then it's all a game until you can get it back from him (and he's surprisingly quick). Jessup loves playing throw & catch and taking afternoon naps.
Pet Preference: He doesn't like being alone so his owner shouldn't do much traveling. He pines greatly while they are gone and refuses to eat. Also, they must love to play games.
Level of Domestication: *****

Vince the Snarhooksnarhook
Personality: Vince is an outgoing little Snarhook who adores clothing and shoes. His favourite outfit is a silver leotard with glitter all over it! He's often mistaken for a girl, but this usually works to his advantage.
Pet Preference: Someone who can accompany him on all his wild adventures without outshining him. Vince hates to be second best.
Level of Domestication: ****
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Spyder (29)
"Ohh...this Spyder is creepy...make sure your Neopet isnt afraid of it!!!"

Spike the SpyderSpyder
Personality: Boy oh boy here's a troublemaker! Loves hiding your Pet's toys, your hard-earned Neopoints and tea kettles! Enjoys jokes, off-beat humor and long naps.
Pet Preference: A pet who has extreme levels of patience and can take jokes, teasing and games very well. Would love to be paired with a younger boy, someone to teach his wicked ways to!
Level of Domestication: ***

Sammy the SpyderSpyder
Personality: Sammy loves to torture other Neopets by asking them to do simple tasks for him that really didn't need to be done. Usually, they are charitable tasks, but be warned, sometimes Neopets may revolt.
Pet Preference: A Neopet with a charitable disposition.
Level of Domestication: ***

Sally the SpyderSpyder
Personality: A HUGE musical fan. Hairspray, Grease here we come!
Pet Preference: A Neopet who can sing or is on Broadway would be perfect.
Level of Domestication: ****

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Stego (7)
This little guy has wings also, he uses them to fly from tree to tree when finding his favourite food - Blue Toobers

Winger the StegoStego
Personality: Winger has a little larger wings than most Stegos, they are usually very small. Winger can fly a couple feet off the ground and able to make an eye lever constant flight. He is a little too proud of his wings, and brags a bit, but with the right pet, it can be controlled
Pet Preference: A forceful pet that can humble him when he gets too proud.
Level of Domestication: ***

Tembo the StegoStego
Personality: Temho is no land-lubbing Stego! Temho is a proud pirate. Who needs a fancy color, Temho is a better pirate than half of those fancy ones. He loves to swim or sail over oceans, and doesn't mind being away from home, either.
Pet Preference: An aquatic pet or a water-loving pet.
Level of Domestication: ****

Hour the StegoStego
Personality: Hour is a over-ontime Petpet. She'll get to the Neobus stop 20 minutes ahead of time, or even on the bus before her usual. Hour likes nothing better than getting to the movies and hour or two early. If she can get there ahead of time, she will.
Pet Preference: Someone persuasive with a punctual watch.
Level of Domestication: ****

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Tapira (4)
Tapiras live on the little bugs that crawl over the vines around Geraptiku.

Amy the TapiraTapira
Personality: Amy is a happy, energetic girl, but she sometimes gets carried away in her enthusiasm.
Pet Preference: A pet with no breakable objects in their neohome
Level of Domestication: ***

Magcar the TapiraTapira
Personality: Not the happiest pet, Magcar isn't all too fond of the bright happy things and prefers to sit alone, brooding little tapira that he is. He will let you pet him, sometimes. But he really should just be left alone.
Pet Preference: An extra-loving pet that will show him the good things out there
Level of Domestication: **

Talbot the TapiraTapira
Personality: Pillows, sheets, rugs, and whatever else is soft and at least somewhat fluffy attracts Talbot. As soon as he gets the chance to curl up on such a surface, he starts to knead and nibble. If left alone to enjoy his snuggling, he'll eventually have to go in search of something new to cuddle up on, for the previous one has been damaged beyond repair. On the plus side, Talbot seems to understand the difference between what is and is not alive, and he does so adore cuddling against someone that's warm. If that someone offers pettings, well, that's a fantastic bonus!
Pet Preference: If a pet loves to cuddle, is willing to reinforce their furniture, and is very careful with their linens, then the match will be kismet!
Level of Domestication: **
Donated by: The wonderful Aria

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Tenna (27)
These rather sad looking Petpets cant move very fast and often end up being carried by their owners.

Odie the TennaTenna
Personality: This one swears she just isn't a Petpet, but a Pet! Very demanding and loves to be spolied-- gotta love the good life Center of attention is where Odie shines best, and tends to stay there for long periods of times. Such a lil' girlie girl too-- pampering and nail varnish treatments all day long!
Pet Preference: Another girlie girl, who can let her petpet have the spotlight quite a bits. Needs a caring, loving owner who has oodles of free time to spare to groom, walk and pamper Odie.
Level of Domestication: ****

Curly-Qs the TennaTenna
Personality: Such a funny little guy, enjoys making his fellow family members laugh their tummies into pain! Always has little remarks, cheery thoughts and a huge positive look-out on life.
Pet Preference: Another laugher, who can come back with witty responses. Needs a high-energy pet to keep up with his quick nature. Would love to be placed in a smaller family who can truly appericate his talents.
Level of Domestication: ****

Terra the TennaTenna
Personality: A petpet named after our glorious Mallow Overlord(lady?), this clever little thing loves mallows (but would NEVER eat one), socks and disco toilets.
Pet Preference: A Neopet who loves mallows as much as she does.
Level of Domestication: *
Donated by: The lovely Leah

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Tomamu (4)
This Petpet loves to sit around and squawk at passerbys. If you want to keep it happy make sure you have lots of fish on hand.

Howard the TomamuTomamu
Personality: Howard is good friends with Vince, and often is rescued from sticky situations by Vince. Howard has small, shrewish eyes and enjoys slap-bass jazz music, but must not be allowed near saxophones. If he plays the saxophone terrible things will happen.
Pet Preference: Howard would like to live near Vince the Snarhook so they can hang out and play together.
Level of Domestication: ****

Wiwu the TomamuTomamu
Personality: Wiwu loves reading the Neopian Times! He's such a fan that he even pretends to be a White Weewoo.
Pet Preference: Someone similarly bookish and interested in the Neopian Times.
Level of Domestication: ****

Pelican the TomamuTomamu
Personality: Pelican (or Pelly, as she is sometimes known) loves fish and fishing more than anything else.
Pet Preference: She'd be well suited to a pet who loves the outdoors and lives near a river.
Level of Domestication: ***
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Uggatrip (3)
Uggatrip is happiest when he is tripping Neopets over! Watch out for this sly little one!

Mandrake the Third the UggatripUggatrip
Personality: This gentleman is the spitting image of royalty! You may not see it, but this young king is sure to be a great leader someday!
Pet Preference: Anybody who will share the red carpet with him, but let him sit on the higher throne.
Level of Domestication: ****

Strawberry the UggatripUggatrip
Personality: Strawberry is a friendly little thing who loves fruit. If you like your orchards and fruit bushes to remain intact you'll want to install fruit cages!
Pet Preference: Someone who can enjoy fruit with him and not mind if Strawberry pillages their fruit trees!
Level of Domestication: ****

Triplet the UggatripUggatrip
Personality: Triplet is an interesting little petpet who has multiple personalities. One is cheerful, one is depressive, and one is kinda angry.
Pet Preference: An understanding owner that can deal with Triplet's wildly shifting moods.
Level of Domestication: ****
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Uniocto (2)
Unioctos swim quickly, which makes them hard to catch. If your Neopet allows it to get away, you may have to get a new Petpet

Bob the UnioctoUniocto
Personality: Bob is an odd petpet, who loves to dance and sucker faces! Some might say that he loves the tango.
Pet Preference: Someone who can teach him how to dance without suckering the face off of his partner.
Level of Domestication: ****

Unicorn the UnioctoUniocto
Personality: Unicorn believes that he is a unicorn, and loves the forest.
Pet Preference: He'd love to live with anyone that has an interest in magic, as his dream is to actually become a unicorn one day.
Level of Domestication: ****
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Wadjet (5)
A Wadjet loves nothing better than to curl around your Neopets neck... sometimes it can be mistaken easily for a necklace.

Djett the WadjetWadjet
Personality: Djett, or Jet, is a wadjet who prefers seclusion. He likes nothing better than hiding inside dark spaces and exploring places by himself. When confronted by danger, he'd slither away and leave his owner to fend for themselves.
Pet Preference: One who doesn't like playing 'tea party' and 'dress-up' with their petpets. If your neopet is too lazy to take their petpets out for walks and play with them, Djett is the perfect petpet for him/her
Level of Domestication: ****

Georgie Porgie the WadjetWadjet
Personality: A naughty snake who bites the boys and makes them cry He's nice to girls though!
Pet Preference: No male neopets unless they like looking like a pin cushion.
Level of Domestication: ***

Bonfiglio the WadjetWadjet
Personality: Bonfiglio, or Bonbon as he's usually called, loves anything and everything that deals with theatre. Always found center-stage, he is definitely a petpet that loves the lime light.
Pet Preference: Neopets who are attention hogs need not apply.
Level of Domestication: *

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Walking Carpet (1)

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White Mallard (4)
It looks like a Petpet, acts like a Petpet, but when frightened, it makes a loud wail like a Wocky!

Duck the White MallardWhite Mallard
Personality: Duck is your typical Mallard. He loves splashing around in ponds, and especially loves to eat duckweed.
Pet Preference: An aquatic pet that loves water fights!
Level of Domestication: ****

Ratchet the White MallardWhite Mallard
Personality: Ratchet is an active, inventive petpet who loves playfighting with other petpets.
Pet Preference: Someone who is prepared for his active mindset!
Level of Domestication: **

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Wuzzle (2)
When Wuzzles get angry they get hotter, and hotter until you cant bear to touch them!

Quote the WuzzleWuzzle
Personality: Quote is a Wuzzle with an amazing memory. If he hears something, he can remember it right away! He loves trivia and would be an amazing quiz partner.
Pet Preference: A pet that is interested in anything and everything, and won't mind the rambles that Quote has been known to go off on.
Level of Domestication: ****

Burninate the WuzzleWuzzle
Personality: Burninate is an angry little thing who loves roasting anything and everything, including marshmallows.
Pet Preference: A pet that can cool his urge to burn, and maybe teach him that burning marshmallows isn't a good idea.
Level of Domestication: **
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