Here are the rules for adopting a petpet at the PAA. Please read them carefully and do your best to follow them. Thank you ^_^

Petpet Classification : Choosing a Petpet
Requesting a Petpet : General Info About Petpets
Donating to the PAA

Petpet Classification
Petpets are organized into ranks which correspond to the TNO Ranks. These are, from lowest to highest:
  • Just Hopped On

  • Glad to Help

  • Notably Helpful

  • Ovation Worthy

  • Truly Noble
If you would like to adopt a petpet for either a permie or foster pet you may adopt any petpet in the PAA that corresponds with your TNO Rank (or a lower rank). So,for example- if you are ranked Notably Helpful you may adopt any petpet ranked Notably Helpful, Glad to Help or Just Hopped On.

As to the number of petpets one can adopt, you may adopt four petpets per month from the Just Hopped On category, two petpets per month from the Glad to Help category, and one petpet per month from the Notably Helpful, Ovation Worthy and Truly Noble. Providing you hold the relevant rank, of course.

However, if you are requesting a petpet to lab in the Petpet Laboratory, you may only adopt a petpet from Just Hopped On. You'd agree that it would be a shame to lab a petpet worth anything more then 2.5K into a Pile of Soot!

Choosing a Petpet
Once you have determined which petpets you are eligible to adopt you will find some information next to each petpet's picture. This contains info on there about their personalities etc. Guide:

Name: this is obviously the petpets name. Upon adoption you are allowed to add something to the given name. For example: you adopt a retpet named "Red" so you update his name to "Red Danger". Please do not change the name completely as it is then difficult to track where the pet has gone.

Personality: We've provided a short description of the petpet and his/her typical behaviors, likes/dislikes etc. Also any behavioral problems which may need training to eradicate are listed here. This information is based on our observations here at the PAA. Please note petpets may behave differently in new environments!

Pet Preferences: Some petpets would suit a certain personality of Neopet or would prefer to live in a particular environment. For example some petpets do not enjoy extremes of temperature or lots of noise. These are guidelines only.

Requesting a Petpet
Once you are ready to request a petpet you may post a request in the PAA Thread. You must include the following details:
  • Neopets username (in TNO)

  • Neopet for which you are adopting the petpet

  • Whether this Neopet is a permie or a foster

  • The name and species of the petpet you'd like to adopt

Here is a handy table for you to copy-and-paste:

[b]Status of said Neopet:[/b]
[b]Name & Species of Petpet:[/b]

Requests will be processed as soon as possible. If your petpet doesn't arrive within one week, check your request to see if either Kaie or Leah has edited it with any information. Otherwise, feel free to poke them through PMs.

General Info
  • You are allowed to rename the Petpet to a certain degree (see more info)

  • You are allowed to paint the petpet

  • You are allowed to zap a JHO-petpet at the Petpet Lab

  • If you remove the petpet from your Neopet and no longer have any use for it please return it to the PAA. Neomail Leah or Kaie and tell either of them that you are returning the petpet.

Donating to the PAA
You want to be a Donator? We at the PAA are very grateful for any and all donations! You may donate in any of the following ways:

  • Send a petpet or petpets to any one of the two custodians (the_psychic_slayer or bloodrein_).

  • Buy a petpet related item from Leah's PAA shop or Kaie's PAA shop.
  • If you include a name and personality for the petpets you donate, your name will be listed as the donator of the petpet in our PAA halls. PM or NM each petpet name & personality you wish to include to whomever you are sending the petpet to.

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