Welcome to TNO's Petpet Adoption Agency! My name is Seredio and I'm Leah's very own petpet wrangler. They're quite a bunch to take care of so Kaie has been enlisted as well to help out to deal with the mass of petpets in the care of the agency! This adorable Ona next to me is Door, quite possibly the most hardworking Ona in Neopia. Together the four of us each pitch in to make the PAA a great place for petpets and TNOers alike. We're happy you've paid us a visit, care to have a look around?

Sorry it's a bit chirpy, the petpets don't exactly quiet down unless they've all been fed. I hope the noise doesn't bother you too much as you browse through the agency. ^_^ There's a lot of petpets in need of a great new home, and I'll be sure we make it easy for you to find your pet's best match!

You see, our halls are arranged quite particularly, so you might want to check out the Info and Rules page to find out everything you need to know. If you want to find out anything else going on, the PAA's Latest News is posted below - we'll try to keep everyone updated!

We hope you find a petpet that calls you and your pet's heart so that you can bring them home. Thank you and please do visit us again!


September Special- The Chocolate Celebration!
Yes indeed folks, you heard right- to celebrate the Chocolate Ball the PAA is giving away chocolate with every PetPet you guys request. But wait a second! Not only do you get a lovely chocolate item for your pet and their new petpet to share- you also get a free book for them to share as well. Pretty awesome, we think. Why not head on over to the forums and request the petpet of your dreams now?

*pokes you with a d00m stick* What are you still here for? Go on, don't be shy! You can even request petpets for experimentation if you like.. though I'll have to talk to you round the back. Seredio's not so keen on petpet experimentation. Anyway, if a petpet from the JHO category looks like the perfect lab rat to you, I'm sure I could sneak them out and have them find their way to you.

Seredio Says:: Did you know... the Notably Helpful category contains over 17 petpets, including Plushie, Robot and Christmas- painted petpets?

The PAA is under new Management!
You heard it right, folks! The PAA has been handed over to the care of Leah and Kaie (along with Seredio and Door). Thank you so much to gwennie and loofe for doing a fantastic job keeping up with all the rowdy petpets coming into the Agency for so long - you two deserve a great big hug for the job well done ^_^ Once everything is set up, the Agency will be back to its usual business: taking in petpets needing new homes and finding the homes that want them. We just need the final handover to take place and we will have our grand re-opening then! Most of the information has already been updated - and we know it's a bit odd to have two donation shops; it's just that we don't want either of us to be swamped with all the funds, so we're trying to distribute the work evenly.

Thank you for your patience and we hope you rescue a petpet soon!

Leah & Seredio, Kaie & Door

Rank Intro Anchors Updated!
Ok so I think I've gotten most of the anchors updated for each rank category. This means that even though you might not see any of the petpet on the actual pages yet, if they're listed up at the top, I have some waiting to be adopted.

Overdue Update...
Hello there *blows dust off of news feed*

If any of you are still reading, thank you for doing so! xD

This is an update to let you know that over the next few days you'll be seeing some changes around the PAA. Starting with the JHO section, you should begin to see numbers being added to the individual petpet sections. What is this number?! That number is actually the total number of that kind of petpet we have living "in house". In otherwords, that's how many of that petpet I have waiting to be adopted.

What does this mean to you? Basically, it means that if you see that number currently sitting at 10 or higher, please do not send any of that petpet to live with us. Our halls are overflowing as we speak! Once you see our numbers drop some, please feel free to send along those petpets needing new homes.

Secondly, you'll be seeing more and more names in blue popping up around the halls. If you donate a petpet and include a personality and name of the petpet, I'll do my best to make sure they're featured on the site and will add a "Donated by" to your petpet's blurb.

Thirdly - because we have SO many petpets waiting to be adopted, I beg you, please! Adopt a petpet today!

New Userbars and Buttons for the PAA!!
If/when you donate petpets to the program, feel free to include a name and/or short description of the petpet's personality ^^ That way we can be sure to credit you on the site for donating the petpets! If you don't feel like doing this you don't have to, loofe and I always work with them and find out their names and personalities anyway.

Also - if any of you are after a petpet laboratory map and you already have the Secret Lab Map, then please consider requesting a petpet lab map from the PAA! We have plenty of pieces, so if you need a full set or just a few pieces to complete your sets, feel free to post here with a request. Thank you!

Oh! One more thing!!

If you adopt a petpet from the PAA, please feel free to add one of these buttons to your pet's lookup:

Or if you'd like to help spread awareness of the PAA with loofe and I, please use these userbars:

Hopefully I'll get these added to the PAA site pages shortly. Thanks for supporting the petpets! All of the buttons and userbars were made for the PAA by the lovely Sara_ *hugquishes her* Thank you Sara!

September finished!
Wow this past month has flown by as well, and Loofe and I would like to give a big thank you to all members who've donated to the Adoption Center in the past month! Thank you so much!

Due to our internet availability, I haven't been able to give the PAA the major overhaul it deserves, but it should be happening soon! *waves*

August is almost over!
Our first month reopened is almost at an end, and I must say I had hoped for a little more traffic in the adoption center *sniff*

Going to be adding more petpets UFA and their descriptions soon, hopefully that will attract more people ^^

If you have any suggestions, please don't be quiet!

And to those who adopted petpets in the past month, thank you very much for giving them a loving home! ~ loofe

Hello, hello! The PAA is now under new management. My lovely and loyal loofe will be running the PAA center here while I'm busy delivering petpets to new homes! Please stop by and see her for more information, I'm sure you'll find her to be very helpful. *nudges loofe* You can manage that, right sweets?

Please keep an eye out for a new thread regarding this on our TNO Forums ^^

We'd also like to thank Esther and Vi for doing such a wonderful job at keeping the petpets healthy and happy while they ran the center!

The reign of the PAA has been taken over by Esther and Vi from Credo and Millie. Soon these adoption-wings will open their doors again so keep an eye out for that. A new and bigger collection of petpets is waiting to be rehomed!

These tokens were created by Credo and Millie, former caretakers of the PAA. If you participated in any of their fundraisers, you are welcome to use the tokens in your Yearbook-blog.

The PAA Bake Sale which took place last in december last year. If you donated a bakery item (or any item to be sold) feel free to display this Token in your Yearbook.
The Plushie Petpet Paintbrush Raffle which took place earlier this year. If you adopted a Petpet and got a ticket for this raffle you can display this Token in your Yearbook.
The Plushie Picnic. If you donated a plushie or any items for re-sale feel free to display this Token in your Yearbook.

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