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We're just worker bees in the Freaky Factory!What's up with the Council?
Alright, we admit it. We don't have real lives -- we just live on Neopets, but go outside everyone once in a while. :P No, seriously, this is a community blog for us Council people to share what's going on with us, what we're doing, and sometimes our views on certain things Neo and non. Why don'tcha visit us every once in a while? :) Don't forget to meet all of the Guild Staff!

Guild News
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  Emma says:   "Such fun!"
I definitely think Terra is becoming partial to my beautiful blue font; she seems to have adopted it for the news post below!

Emma's turn to give you a peek into Council life I've just finished setting up and reviving one of our brilliant Official Contests and there are more to look forward to in the next couple of weeks! The Caption Contest, Where's Billo?, Neo Trivia & Anagram Fun all have new managers who, after finding their way about setting things up, will be there every week (or fortnight, or month...) to bring you some competition fun!

Our official contests are held for you TNOers, so you should go take part in them! We have some great active contests going at the moment so it'd be good if you could support our old and new CUers and enter/vote. Do you have a contest idea you'd love to see as an official contest on TNO? PM me and we can have a chat about it, I'm always excited to hear new ideas.

Another fun part of TNO competition are the member contests our lovely TNOers run so brilliantly! I loved taking part in the challenge of Ally and Veggie's contest recently, though finding that last latter really did puzzle me. And although I couldn't take part, I found the confusion behind Russ's Mafia-style contest one of the funniest things I've ever followed on TNO!

I know we've just hit a time of exams for many TNOers, but find the time and take part! Enter an official contest, start up a member contest; just get involved! It doesn't need to be complicated, expensive or time consuming - just lots and lots of fun

Saturday, May 07 @ 08:41 AM NST
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  minimarshamallo says:   "New Staff Hirings! :)"
Queen Distractor!!!Well this has been awhile! I can't believe I was a Council Member in 2009. *cough* I mean I can't believe I haven't posted since 2009!

I'm ridiculously excited about the contents of my post because I have the pleasure in announcing several new staff members! Not just Smile for the Adoptee Updators & Jacinta of the Adoptee Checkers but a special sneak peek at our newest Request Evaluators - Ookami & Ariel! You heard it here first! Of course, if you haven't heard of our fabulous request evaluators you should totally be using them for all your applications - and perhaps even recommending them to future parents of your precious darlings!

So, hiring new staff is always ridiculously exciting for Council and I have a feeling that this won't be the end what with that new advertisement that's just been posted about the Contest Updators!

Although the guild seems quiet, it does seem that these strange images have been found in people's signatures and posts. Is it a plot from a Team? The Pixie Gathering? The Council? A New Contest? No one seems to know!

Well that's it from me on Council News. I look forward to talking to you guys next time!

Wednesday, April 20 @ 09:49 AM NST
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  Janvix says:   "Savio for President!"
Still Bright Wit!So TNOers, it appears I have to defend myself!

Those of you who have been wandering round the Neutral Zone any time recently may have seen an small, irate, green creature storming about. Yes, it's true. I revolted against TBW's supreme overlord Savio. I sneaked in to the Bright Wit library one evening and defaced a portrait of his felfiness with my crayons.

I should've known I couldn't get away with it though; so many of you figured me out in just a few short days. Of course I repent entirely and submit to Savio as supreme leader, more magnificent than any team leader who has ever existed. Except gwennie, I'm scared of her.

Team Sparkle Pink causing havoc and now a curious mystery, just shows that the Neutral Zone is clearly the place to be. Keep your eye out for future events and get involved!

Monday, March 21 @ 07:45 AM NST
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  gwennie says:   "Team Sparkle Pink!"
Sparkly and pink!Oh hi, TNOers!

Just wanted to post and say that Team Sparkle Pink is awesome! I can't believe I was ever leader of a team called Team Dark Will. What was I thinking?! Being sparkly and pink is really the best thing a TNOer could ever be! There's no use denying our true sparkly selves ^_^

The new Team Sparkle Pink is having a sleep over in the Neutral Zone this week to celebrate Valentine's Day! It's been so much fun so far -- it's so awesome to see TNOers bonding over things that are pink and sparkly! There seems to be an excess of pixie dust and glitter around TNO -- I must warn folks! It's really easy to get glitter in your eyes. Sunglasses help.

We're also having a contest to help pick a new Team Sparkle Pink mascot! If you think your pet is sparkly and pink enough, please nominate them! They could be the most popular TNO Team mascot in all of TNO history! How cool would that be?

*frolics and throws glitter on you*

See you at the Team Sparkle Pink sleep over!

Saturday, February 12 @ 08:31 PM NST
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  Emma says:   "Nommies!"
Happy Holidays TNOers!

I thought I'd give you a real Christmas treat and actually post a council news post. They're rare, so treasure it! I hope you're all having fun, I'm currently sitting by our fire listening to Christmas music so I feel very festive!

Recently I've taken after our dear TNOer Kat and started baking lots and lots! It keeps me amused in my flat at uni and it's lovely that if people need something for an event/party or whatever they don't mind asking me to do it because I enjoy it so much. Someone people seem to think all I do is bake and/or clean up after baking - but really I enjoy the baking much more Just before I left to come home we had some Christmas baking-times, including making these rather cute snowmen biscuits!

Cute! This afternoon I'm going to make mince pies and then perhaps some cake, so I'll be kept busy!

Baker Emma over and out Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 23 @ 06:18 AM NST
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  Evie says:   "Testing, 1...2...3..."
Evie says:

At first glance, this might appear to be a proper council news post. However, it's really not! ^__~

Wednesday, March 17 @ 01:10 AM NST
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  Emma says:   "Getting a Degree in TNO"
Hello dear TNOers!

I was originally going to go for a different colour in writing, but none seemed to suit. You might just have to put up with this blue poisoning your eyes wherever you go! *chases after you with paint* Actually, the Celts who used to live in my area of Scotland used to paint themselves a similar blue before going into battle. Maybe that's a sign of something to come... maybe not

Anyway - first news post as a councillor! Everyone keeps asking me how it feels to be in the seat and so far I've been rather enjoying it. I keep being told I'm in the honeymoon stage, but I really am finding it rewarding to be able to help out as much as I can. It's made a lot easier with my four other councillors behind me to keep me on the straight and narrow.

In other news I've just today got access to my main again - there was much rejoicing! It feels super to be back on Neo, a lot has happened since I was frozen! It's also made being at University seem a lot more normal - life seems exactly the same when I'm doing what I like best and just being on here. University itself is actually really good, I think it suits my way of being. At the moment I'm revelling in the fact that I'm a Science Student with suprisingly little to do, when all the Arts students are running about like headless-poogles trying to do essays and research. I'm sure that'll change eventually but for now I'm not complaining!

I'm going to be very impressed if you notice this quickly - I always forgot to check the council news. It's worth it though just for those little heads - isn't my one adorable! *snuggles* Thank you Evie for my little me, I have no idea where she got the impression I'd approve of blue hair though!

Bye TNOers far and wide, until next time; Goodnight!

Friday, October 16 @ 05:53 PM NST
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  Bethers says:   "yay summer"
Hey guys, I hope you are all having a wonderful day!

Although it's been raining on and off all day, as well as being humid, it's been a WONDERFUL day for me. BECAUSE I AM FINALLY DONE WITH MY 3RD YEAR OF COLLEGE. woot woot *dances* I had my last final today. But it was awkwardly placed on the last day and at 3:30pm, so I drove all the way back to campus since I moved home last friday.

Anywho, I guess I was technically a senior after last winter quarter...I just didn't know it I can't believe I am about to be a senior in COLLEGE! And then I will be going off to graduate school the year after, and then getting (or trying to at least >.>) a job as a teacher, getting married, having kids, being old, throwing my back out, etc etc. I thought going off to college was weird, now thinking about being forced to grow up and go to grad school (evil I tell you, EVIL) and get a big kid job. Oi, it's all so grown up. I still feel like that 16 year old girl that just got her drivers license.

How did I get to that topic? I hate that topic, it makes me panicy of all the graduate school stuff I have to do this summer. But yes, I GET A WEEK OFF FOR SUMMER!! yayyy. And here you say, "A week?!?!?!" Yes folks, only 1 sad and lonely week until I go back to school. YAY SUMMER SCHOOL! lol, but I am only taking them the first part of summer (5 weeks) so that I can still have the second half of summer and go on my family vacation.

Mk, that's a enough ramble for me. Peace <3

Thursday, June 11 @ 05:34 PM NST
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  Bethers says:   "word."
Hello Everyone!

I figured I should make a post, since there is a link on the guild news Hope you all are having a good new year so far. My avatar that I am using makes me want strawberries. They are my favoritest food ever..whats yours?

School started back up for me 2 weeks ago, and I am currently back at home since I don't have class on Monday (MLK JR day). I have been doing a lot of reading lately for my Children's Lit class. I read Peter Pan last week, and have to read The Willoughbys this week. I also got to go to Barnes and Noble today to do 5 picture book reviews. The class is a lot of fun. It's nice to get in touch with my inner child and bring back memories.

O yeah, before I forget. If you want to apply to be an Adoptee Updater...go do that now. Kthxbi

Saturday, January 17 @ 09:40 PM NST
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  minimarshamallo says:   "Titles are hard to think of."
Queen Distractor!!!So anyways, I had some free time and thought I'd dust this thing off a bit!

First post of 2009! Happy new year! (17 days later >_>). First thing I have to mention is WELCOME BACK GWENNIEKINS!!! <3 Yesh as you all should know by now that fantastic gwennie is back! *dramatic music*. Also, with gwennie's arrival it also marks Ally's departure from council. I have to say Ally is one of the coolest girls I've ever worked with and I was so sad to see her leave the team! <3

With that happening though all the jobs in Council are being swapped around again! So yeah if you have a new boss or notice that the Staff Page looks different that's why! I'm excited since I have two new areas. One thats full of just fantastic staffers already that I just watch over a bit Everyone here who's applied for a pet already knows them! The Request Evaluators. so that's pretty spiffy and exciting. I also get to run one of my favoritist things at TNO, that I've loved ever since I got here - Golden Awards! So yes! Go nominate people! ^_^

Thats me right now. Goings on in the guild are pretty fun. There's the Quill Open House which is really cool! I hear they're looking for an Mascot and they've already got some cute entries so I'd be sure to check that out.

Well thats the end of my little snippet - I've got to get back to cleaning house! TTYL! I'm off to don my apron and scrub the floors!

Saturday, January 17 @ 01:44 PM NST
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  Ally says:   "Wee! Post!"
Hi friends!

I haven't updated this thing in about a year.. *looks* Yeah, when I was applying to college. Man, those were stressful times! I just finished my first semester (judging by the color of my post, can you guess where I go?) and I am SOOO happy to be done with exams and back home! And back to TNO!

If you guys haven't yet, check out our Christmas Tree, and better yet, add some ornaments of your own! Don't forget to send some of your fellow TNOers some Christmas presents! Yay for holiday cheer!

Enough about holiday cheer (lol). Right now, I'm hoping that one of my friends is actually awake, because we're supposed to have lunch today and he hasn't replied to my text message. I haven't seen him since summer because he goes to the University of Chicago and doesn't come home very often. And I'm getting my hair chopped off on Wednesday! I'm donating 10 inches which will put me at.. just under shoulder length. I haven't had short hair since fourth grade (9 years old), so this should be interesting..

Okay, well, I'm kind of rambling now. But yay for another post!

Monday, December 15 @ 08:00 AM NST
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  minimarshamallo says:   "My first post! O_O"
EEEEE!!!Hi peoples! I /still/ can't believe I'm posting here! *fangirl squee* This is teh coolest thing ever. So onto actual content! First thing you all should do is go throw goodies at the other council girls, even the retired ones. I had NO idea how much they actually do! Yes, I knew they did alot of cool stuff, but the girls I work with do SUCH a great job too! I feel so special getting to work with them!

Also, since this is my first post, and not EVERYONE, knows me I figured I should do a bit about myself. I am 16 (*sings* going on 17) I've been in TNO for a long time now, I think 2 years? Awhile now anyways . I am a faithful member of the awesomest team ever! (For those of you who need the definition of that it's team insanity) I like lots of stuff! Sleep, food, overseeing my mallow army, ballet <3, watching various TV shows, music, video games, school (*cough* You TBWers did NOT see that), TNO and Neopets. I am currently going to community college and have a part time job in real life.

Yeah, I'm sure there's more but I kinda forget right now. That's how I roll! Before I finish this post though, I think I should point out the AMAZING mallow Evie made for me! <333 (Right there next to the "Terra's") She rocks my discoey, delcious, chewey socks!

Wednesday, November 12 @ 10:23 AM NST
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  Bethers says:   "o hai"
EEEEE!!!Hi!! This is my first post as a new council8tor. So what to say, what to say. School has almost been going on for a month, woo. Football game tomorrow, another woo! TNO has been a nice break away from my crazy school schedule. The forums have been kind of iffy the past few days, hopefully they stay strong And I really have no idea what to say other than THS rocks, and I just wanted to post on here <3

Friday, October 10 @ 10:26 PM NST
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  gwennie says:   "*pokes gwennie head* HOW COOL IS THAT?!"
EEEEE!!!I wanted to draw attention to the new little head I have on this page *points to little red horns on it* And look! Joy's a joyfruit :3 And Evie has kitty ears! *squishes Evie* She spoils us. She's back on Council too! I'm very happy to be able to serve on such a fantastic Council with her! I'm looking forward to tackling all sorts of things ^^

The TNOlympics are over! Shenkuu came back and really cleaned up in the medal department! Jarratt alone got 8 medals! Craaaazy. All teams were equally awesome though, In my book. It seems weird that there's no events to post daily now, and I know some of you are wondering what to do with yourselves!

Council will be posting the remainder of TNOlympic posts today and tomorrow most likely - so come watch the closing ceremony!!

Also - some new news Council-wise - Our liason roles for staff groups have changed a bit. Evie will now be in charge of Billo Gold Updaters & Graders, instead of Veggiekins who retired! I hope she enjoys her fluffy chair of retirement! I'm going to be helping out with our Promotion Staff for a bit because our Ally has gone and moved off to start her first year of University! Exciting stuff! Joy is going to be heading up our Contest Updaters! Swoopes has done a wonderful job for many a year, but it's nice to change things up now and again, no?

Speaking of contests, you should really check them out! We've just hired a new batch of Contest Updaters and they're eager to get things up and running again! Keep your eyes peeled for new contest updates, there should be a bunch in the near future.

And gwennie is now news posted-out. Time for bed! *waves*

Monday, August 25 @ 05:40 AM NST
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  Evie says:   "omgosh, she's back."
EEEEE!!!I just wanted to post here to say... I'm SO EXCITED TO BE BACK ON COUNCIL!!!!

Seriously, this is thrilling, wonderful, exciting, terrifying, and awesome. I'm really looking forward to getting properly settled back in and back to work with my amazing fellow-councilors. ♥

This is going to be so much fun!

Monday, August 25 @ 01:27 AM NST
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