Need to beat the heat?

This new petpage layout sure isn't hot, not all the way out in space!

Wednesday, July 25 @ 07:04 AM NST
Posted by Tinq

A wild Tinq appeared!

The wild Tinq uses New Userlookup!
It's super effective!

Oh no! The wild Tinq escaped!

Monday, June 25 @ 12:34 AM NST
Posted by Tinq

Background-inspired awesomeness

Kittens kittens kittens kittens new background-inspired petpage layouts. Kittens kittens kittens.

And now, back to your regular programming. Carry on.

Thursday, May 31 @ 02:15 PM NST
Posted by Leah

A lookup - what?!

Oh my pandas. Yes, you read that right! I've finally got my act together. Part of the credit definitely goes to Spoon who let me tinker with her code. A new pet lookup emerges out of the ashes! And it was definitely not inspired by the cups of coffee consumed in the making of this layout

Pandas are awesome. That needed to be said.

Friday, December 16 @ 04:18 AM NST
Posted by Kaie

Undersea Blues

Due to some technical difficulties, it's taken quite a while to arrive, but it had made it into our petpages for all to use

Let's hope one day Kaie decides to make a lookup. Seriously.

Tuesday, November 08 @ 01:48 PM NST
Posted by Kaie

Pandas are pretending to be productive!

Um, I mean, Kaie's got a brand-new petpage for you!

And it's totally not because she refuses to learn lookup coding.

Tuesday, June 21 @ 05:58 AM NST
Posted by Kaie

Healing over time!

So, it seems that Leah has made her very first userlookup for TNO use! It's taken long enough, so let's hope you like it.

Sunday, June 19 @ 07:27 AM NST
Posted by Leah

MSP Madness!

A wild Leah appears!

She uses Productivity!

A critical hit! It's super effective!

(In English: New petpage. Woot! )

Thursday, April 14 @ 09:05 AM NST
Posted by Leah

Keeping it Blue

Seems the Spoon has been keeping herself busy...
This time with a new cool blue pet look up to bring in the darkness.

Friday, February 25 @ 03:59 PM NST
Posted by Spoon

Oh, look! New petpages!

An endangered species called Amber's petpages has been spotted recently. =D One appears to be a sleeping Taigar, and the other is hoping to head an adoption agency's website. And now for your viewing pleasure:

Sunday, February 20 @ 12:39 PM NST
Posted by Amber

A Book a Day keeps the TBWers at Bay

Winter blues have you down?
Thinking about summer and a book under a tree?
Well then, this new pet look up is just up your alley =D.
Created by the ever disastrous Spoon.

Friday, February 18 @ 04:01 PM NST
Posted by Spoon

Something new in every bite!

Well, not really. However, two more petpage layouts have been produced by your resident code zombie, Kaie! These are in continuation of last month's line of UFA premades, for all your agency needs!

I was feeling rather purple this time around...

Friday, August 20 @ 08:37 PM NST
Posted by Kaie

cobbled elegance

About 5 hours into this project, I was thinking of all the things I could write here - my goals, my difficulties, its transformations.

It's been a while since then. All I want to do now is curl up and nap. So this is what I'm going to write instead: A new petpage layout by Vicky is now up and running!

Thursday, July 22 @ 12:44 PM NST
Posted by Vicky

Up for Adoption!

Since we are an adoption guild, it only makes sense that users are going to be looking for layouts to use for their adoption agencies. The Art Staff is here to serve you yet again with UFA Petpages! Well, there's two petpages as of the moment, but more will come if Kaie decides not to slack off For now, enjoy the previews below!

Monday, July 19 @ 07:33 AM NST
Posted by Kaie

The Silent Spoon Strikes

During some rather unfortunate events (or fortunate, it depends who you ask), more productivity has occurred. Coming from the very disastrous Spoon are some very lovely Petlookups. Featuring a glamorous peach and the ever lovely Shenkuu. =D

Tuesday, April 20 @ 10:33 PM NST
Posted by Spoon

Productivity Overload!

Following the trend of Kaie and Vicky, I've decided to be productive as well. Comparatively speaking, that is... I should be doing school work. Nevertheless, here's a new Petlookup, made by Leah for you to enjoy. Or eat, I'd much rather be eating asparagus.

You're ASPARAGUS! (dun, dun dun dun)
Better than all the rest! (dun, dun dun dun)
Better than anyveg! (dun, dun dun dun)

Thursday, April 15 @ 01:04 PM NST
Posted by Leah

no I haven't died

Although it's questionable whether I was ever alive in the first place; it's been 8 months since my last submission! The newest Petpage Layout, made by Vicky, is designed around the vastness of the elusive Lost Desert. Its addition marks my first TNO petpage layout. Cool.

Sunday, April 11 @ 03:28 PM NST
Posted by Vicky

It's been a while...

Hadn't meant to stay away from making graphics this long, but there was a recent meepit infestation we had to take care of before Kaie could make something of substance A new petpage layout has been added, ready for your use! The slightly spacey theme matches Kaie's current mood of...spaceyness.

"I'd be lost in space without you..."

Saturday, April 10 @ 11:09 AM NST
Posted by Kaie

Woot, a petlookup!

Well, the snow has melted in England, and I'm starting to see plants that look more living than dead again. Therefore, I decided it was time to make a Spring petlookup! Click here to take a gander at the new lookup, as provided by Leah. It's quite cute, even if I do say so myself. ^^

They may end up being in multiple colours... watch this space.

Saturday, January 16 @ 12:22 PM NST
Posted by Leah

Oh, a petpage!

Another petpage layout brought to you by Kaie. Though I don't quite approve of meepits, I must say they do make an adorable page w/ a draik!

Yay for hardworking Art Staffers, yeah?

Monday, December 14 @ 10:52 AM NST
Posted by Kaie

New User Lookup Available!

Another new user lookup by Dj is available for your viewing pleasure.

Take some time to revel at the night sky with this new stargazing lookup:

Enjoy, guys!

Sunday, November 15 @ 04:32 PM NST
Posted by Rejenerated

Shiney new Petlookups!

Spooneh has been kind enough to create us three vibrant new Petlookups!

That's only one of them... go check out the Petlookup page to see Spoon's other creations!

Sunday, October 25 @ 05:18 AM NST
Posted by Leah

Gorgeous New Lookups!

DJ has been hard at work creating us two beautiful new user lookups!

Get into the spirit of the season with her fall themed lookup:

Or drift away with The Dreamer:


Wednesday, October 21 @ 01:33 AM NST
Posted by Evie

October 1st Uploads!

On the first day of October, there were UPLOADS A-PLENTY!

2 Lab-Ray Themed Pet-Lookups

5 UFA Pet-Lookups

1 Illusen-Themed Pet Page

Go check them out!

Thursday, October 01 @ 11:12 PM NST
Posted by Joy

New Aisha Adoptables

Woohoo! A batch of aisha adoptables has moved into our adoptables page. A few of them can be seen below, but you should definitely visit the Adoptables Page for more!

These aisha adoptables were created by evie_fae, so let's give her a round of applause!

Saturday, August 29 @ 07:20 PM NST
Posted by Joy

New Petlookup for those UFA

We have a new petlookup! This one's geared toward those foster pets who are done with the lab ray and are ready to find new homes!

The lovely lookup was created and coded by faeriedragon66.

Friday, August 21 @ 01:51 PM NST
Posted by Joy