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Hi there! I am Gabbi; one of your friendly guides! It's nice to meet you!

If you have any questions, or are feeling a little lost, or even just want to chat, I'm always happy to listen. Feel free to contact me any time, I'd love to hear from you!
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Foster Badges | Buttons | Small Banners | Large Banners | Shop Events

Just copy the appropriate code and paste it in your shop description or other page . Hint: Click anywhere inside the textbox, hit CTRL+A (selects all), then hit CTRL+C (copies).

Make sure you stock your shop with some items to buy or no one will even see your sign! Copy all of the code or something may go wrong!
I would also really appreciate the bandwidth you'd be saving me if you saved the images to your own host and linked to them from there. ^_^

Note: The code below does not work in your userlookups. Please refer to csshelp for userlookup help. The width and height in pixels are shown so you know what to put.

Foster Badges (80x80)

Buttons (88x31)

By Kiko

Buttons (88x15)

Small Banners

width:57px; height:69px

width:144px; height:149px

(by Kuriku) width:161px; height:114px

(by carpesaponem) width:218px; height:61px

(by faeriedragon66) width:300px; height:161px

(by ily51_) width:174px; height:70px

(by ily51_) width:319px; height:111px

(by macarey29) width:302px; height:152px

(by macarey29) width:302px; height:152px

(by macarey29) width:302px; height:152px

(by Sundays_tear) width:320px; height:115px

(by Snuglow) width:403px; height:108px

(by Snuglow) width:360px; height:216px

(by Sundays_tear) width:355px; height:201px

(by amandaluan) width:406px; height:156px

(by freesong) width:400px; height:150px

(by freesong) width:400px; height:150px

(by freesong) width:400px; height:150px

(by ace1627) width:351px; height:157px

(by Esther118 ) width:300px; height:200px

(by Esther118 ) width:400px; height:175px

(by Esther118 ) width:351px; height:157px

(by Esther118 ) width:400px; height:117px

(by ily51_) width:351px; height:157px

(by ily51_) width:350px; height:175px

(by ily51_) width:400px; height:117px

(by ily51_) width:172px; height:121px

(by ily51_) width:358px; height:160px

width:468px; height:60px

width:144px; height:149px

width:220px; height:152px

width:220px; height:152px

width:220px; height:152px

width:220px; height:152px

width:220px; height:152px

width:220px; height:152px

width:220px; height:152px

width:220px; height:152px

Large Banners

(by Daydreamer2297) width:419px; height:323px

(by Orrissa) width:419px; height:323px

(by Orrissa) width:350px; height:287px

(by Orrissa) width:406px; height:156px

(by Esther118 ) width:500px; height:175px

(by Esther118 ) width:350px; height:175px

(by ily51_) width:440px; height:171px

(by chipmunck_girl) width:400px; height:400px

(by meg2101) width:418px; height:333px

(by jaded_wench) width:377px; height:212px


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Marijke the Happiness Pixie

Suddenly, you see something appear before your eyes. You look at it and see something yellowish and very, very happy...

Tinqerbell says:

"I decided to make a little font making tutorial here, to which I'll add all the tips and tricks I can think of that are useful when making a Neoboard font..."

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