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: I'm new and lost! Can you please help

: What are the rules?
: How do I get promoted?
: What can I do to help?
: How do I register for the forums?
: How do I adopt/foster?
: How was TNO started, and why?
: Who is Billopan?
: What do you do?
: What are the benefits?
: Do you give out Newbie Packs?
: How do I become a Council member?
: What are TNO Teams?
: I've changed/lost my guild account on
  neopets, who should I contact?

: How can I become an ally/affiliate?
: Aren't adoption guilds illegal?
: Can I use any images, layout, phrasing,
  and/or other content found at TNO or on
  this site?

I'm new and lost! Can you please help me?
Yes! We'd love to help introduce you to TNO so you can join the fun! First of all, we've got these FAQs, but we can understand if you didn't join just to read a bunch of boring paragraphs. As such, we provide actual people who will answer your TNO questions and help you learn more about the guild. These lovely people are our Welcoming Committee, who are older guild members who love helping newcomers; and you can also drop by our AIM or Neoboard based chats to get involved in everything TNO.

If you have time, though, please do look for the specific questions you have in the FAQs; -- they contain nearly everything you'll need to know as a TNOer. Plus, new or old, you will probably find things about TNO you never knew!

Also, unless it's something very important, please get in touch with a Welcoming Committee member or post in our forums before contacting the Council -- Council are good for some issues (most of which mention contacting them in the relevant FAQ) but are super busy maintaining site, forums, and keeping the guild running at all times. If you have something to report, please use our update form.

What are the rules?
By being a member of TNO you agree to abide by the rules listed below, our forum rules and our Members’ Charter. These are in place to make TNO a fun and lovely place for everyone. Please try to stick to them, and if you have any questions get in touch with a Welcoming Committee member or Council Member.

- POST IN THE forums ONLY. The message board that Neopets provides for guilds are too limited, especially when you've got as many members as we do. The Council and staff need a more organized forum to keep track of promotions, watch for spam, etc. Using the forums also let us see a welcome post or question if you're new, and allows us to plan and hold many fun events for all our members.

- No blatant or personal insults/attacks/threats, foul language, or any derogatory terms anywhere. This includes swear words, prejudicial/racial terms, sexual inuendo, religion-bashing, and lewd comments like "retard" and "crap". Any bad language will be removed, can impact your chances of promotion, and may result in a warning or even banning.

- No spamming. Spam stands for short pointless annoying messages, and includes one-liners like "Hi" or "Is anyone on?" or a long string of smilies. Keep in mind that a whole lot of people use the same forums you use. Ask yourself: do others really want/need to read what you are about to post? Read more on spamming and forum rules.

- No arguments or adding to arguments anywhere. If you have an issue with another TNOer, please try to sort it out amongst yourselves (try neomail or PMs) as long as the other person is willing to discuss the issue. If at anytime you feel harassed by a TNOer who is neomailing you or PMing you, please ask them to stop and contact a Council Member if they continue.

- No advertising other Guilds. It's not really polite.

Keep in mind our Members’ Charter when posting, chatting or interacting with your guild mates, and respect others in the guild. Breaking any of the above rules is grounds for demotion, suspension or even banning, but we will give you warnings first. If you get a warning, it's not the end of the world — just learn from your mistakes and be careful about what you say and do thereafter. Don't worry, it'll come with practice, and if you’re nervous, remember that the Welcoming Committee & Spam Busters are always happy to help you understand the rules!

How do I get promoted?
There are a lot of ways to get promoted. First and foremost is to foster Neopets and find forever homes for them. Other ways are listed here. Be warned: asking for promotion will most likely hamper your chances.

Ranks: Just Hopped On, Glad to Help, Notably Helpful, Ovation Worthy, and Truly Noble. There is also Beyond Mentor which is explained below.

What can do you at the different ranks? Browse around the site to find out! Ranks affect what jobs you can hold and some of the activities you may participate in, but the majority of our guild activities are available at all ranks.

Forum ranks: You will be promoted in the forums and guild as you move up the guild ranks. If the Council has found you to be very helpful in the forums, you will be added to the Beyond Mentor group, and your rank set to Beyond Mentor by the Council. You will also get a custom rank name (if you want one), and spiffy animated stars that display your guild rank.

There are two other ranks in the forums that you will not see in the Neopets guild. Wedge of Cheese. means the user is not a member of TNO and cannot participate in guild activities, but is still welcome to chat in our forums. On Thin Ice means the member has broken the Guild rules seriously, or repeatedly, and is on their final warning before being banned from the guild.

As a general rule, read the Forum Rules before posting. If you have more questions about the forums, please try the Forum FAQ or Welcoming Committee.

Note: Guild ranks are most often updated before forum ranks, since the entire Promotion Staff has powers on the Neopets guild. However, only Forum Administrators can update forum ranks, so it may be delayed for a few days! Just be patient

What can I do to help?
We understand fostering is not for everyone. But if you ever feel you want to help us out a bit, there are many things you can do to help the guild and our mission. These suggestions are only if you're willing -- no one's forcing you to do anything (although the first suggestion is a brilliant place to start)

- Always check Guild News, Council News, and the forums.

- Be active, participate, and post helpful messages in our forums.

- Be active in your Team.

- Spread the word about us or linkto us.

- Send gifts to guild members as a Pixie (see Pixie FAQ).

- Check adoptee profiles and tell others who might be interested in adopting.

- Apply for a Guild Job (if any positions are available) or send support/donations to Guild Staff

- Participate in our many Guild Contests and always vote.

- Send friendly welcome PMs to new members and answer questions whether on the Neoboards, AIM Chat or on the forums.

- Donate at our donation shop.

- Recommend deserving members for the Golden Award.

- Hold fundraisers or donate to current fundraisers or wishlists.

- Open a Guild Mall shop or donate to existing shops (see Member Shop FAQ).

- Hold your own contest (see Member Contest FAQ).

- Send supportive and encouraging messages to foster owners and contributors

- Be helpful, open, and friendly to other members.

Please keep one thing mind though: If Council sees someone repeatedly requesting things from people in the guild (graphics from artists, freebies from mallshops, Beauty Contest votes, etc.) without contributing much of what the things in the above list cover, they will pass that on to the promotion team, and also probably send that person a PM requesting that they try to connect with the guild better instead of constantly taking and not contributing.

Our members are very kind and very generous, and we will not allow that to be taken advantage of

How do I register for the forums?
The register button is on the forum main page, just under Billopan, or you can click here.

You don't have to use your Neopets account name as your forum username! Feel free to just use the name you'd like us to call you so we can get to know you better!

You'll need a working email address to sign up, and some email providers do block our account activation emails - we reccomend the use of gmail to sign up. The activation email should arrive pretty quickly. If you don't receive it at all, neomail a member of the Council to get help. An admin will activate your account for you by hand. Make sure you include the account name you signed up with in your neomail!

If you're still totally confused - try the Welcoming Committee. They'll be able to walk you through in more detail.

How do I adopt/foster?
You might be in the wrong place, because there's lots more info on that here in the Fostering FAQ.

How was TNO started, and why?
TNO was started in 2001 by Divisor and a group of Neopians who saw the number of orphans in the pound and decided to do something about it. Years later we're still committed to that original mission, although many things have changed. You can read more about the beginnings of TNO's history here.

Who is Billopan?
Billopan is our Guild Mascot, who's been around since the very beginning. He loves to help out at the Orphanage and entertain all the adoptees with his crazy high-flying antics.

What do you do?
We act as an Orphanage, so we adopt from the Pound (take orphans in from the street, so to speak), and give them homes until a responsible owner can adopt them. We usually help our fosters find homes by changing their colour/species, reading to them, or "improving" them in some other way. For a more detailed explanation, read this. We also have tons of fun activities to keep us smiling and an inviting community to meet lots of great people.

What are the benefits?
On the menu to the left, there are links to the amazing things TNO has to offer. We provide free items for your adoptees, hold contests, grant wishes, provide a Petpet Adoption service, and loads more. Exploring the forums and other pages will reveal plenty of benefits for you. Join a Team to have even more fun!

Do you give out Newbie Packs?
We don't give out newbie packs, but only because we have so much on offer to all our guild members. Just hop over to the Guild Mall and browse our shops to find items every week. Check them out, read their forum threads and keep reading the Guild News for new and exciting additions to the Mall.

How do I become a Council member?
Unfortunately, there's no way to really explain how to become a member of council. They're five very honorable positions, meant for only the most loyal, trusted, and helpful members of TNO.

Openings aren't made often, but when they are, no applications for the position(s) will be taken. The administrators know their guild well enough to choose new council members without anyone needing to fill out forms or explain why they're worthy.

What are TNO Teams?
Teams are just for fun, and are groups of TNOers who enjoy each others' company, meeting new people and holding events both for themselves and all guild members. Mostly it's a great atmosphere to build camaraderie with members and have a bit of friendly competition. Please read this for a better explanation and links to the teams you can join.

I've changed/lost my guild account on Neopets, who should I contact?
First of all, you don't have to worry about your rank being affected by an account change, since we log all promotions and keep a record of neoname changes.

If you've gotten locked out of your account or simply wish to be a member of the guild on a different neoname, please let us know so we can update your Billo Gold information and your rank on Neopets (but please don't do this frivolously, as the promo staff are pretty busy keeping up with all the members)!

To contact a member of the Promotion Staff to get your rank updated, click here.

To contact a member of the Billo Gold team to get your new name on the Approved List, click here.

Make sure you include your forum name (if you have one)!

How can I become an ally/affiliate?
Affiliation information is all on this page, where you can find out requirements and where to apply.

Aren't adoption guilds illegal?
No, they are not, as confirmed by TNT. You can read their responses to questions about this here, here, here and here. However, charging or requiring items for adoption isn't allowed along with requiring "extreme" applications.

Can I use any images, layout, phrasing, and/or other content found at TNO or on this site?
We do have buttons, banners, lookups & other awesome graphics made by TNOers for you to use located here and here!

Do not use anything from our site that is not located on those pages. Copyright appears on every page of the site, and plagiarism will not be tolerated. Please be respectful, especially when it comes to content posted in the forums by our members. Do not demean the work of others, be considerate, and abide by these rules.

If you do see plagiarism going on, please contact a Council Member.


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