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Find everything here without even asking.
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: Where are the adoptees?
: Does it cost anything to adopt?
: Who can adopt? What kind of owners
  are you looking for?

: How do I adopt?
: I requested a pet ages ago! Why haven't
  they responded?

: How can I improve my chances of getting
  the pet I want?

: Someone else adopted my pet! How do I get him/her back?
: What are Application Reviewers?

Where are the adoptees?
To view all of the foster pets waiting for their forever homes, visit our Adoption Halls! There are also plenty of adoptees in our Adoptee Ads forum.

Does it cost anything to adopt?
Yes and no. While we don't charge you a Neopian dime, the Neopets pound charges a small fee for adopting (or accepting a transfer) from them. So at the time of adopting, make sure you have some NP on hand. Since the fee varies depending on the pet's level, it could cost anywhere from under 100 NP to well over 10,000 NP, depending on the individual level and battledome statistics of the pet you're trying to adopt. To figure out exactly how much it would cost to adopt a specific neopet, enter his or her numerical stats (found on the pet's lookup) into this forumula:

(Strength + Defense + Movement + 60) x Level = Adoption Fee

Also - With the new reopening of the Neopian Pound, TNT has given players the option to transfer pets safely directly to another player. This will cost the person sending the pet 1000NP, and upon acceptance of the pet, the person receiving the pet will be charged the normal adoption fee (varies from pet to pet). For now, this can process can only be done once a month from every account, so one send and one accept of a pet. Don't forget to read all the fine print at the bottom of that page!

Who can adopt? What kind of owners are you looking for?
Each TNOer has their own personal rules for their foster pets (the adoptees). Most of them will ask that you take the Pledge of Good Ownership. If the - Adopt me! - link goes to a page other than the foster owner's neomail, it's probably a rules page and you should definitely check it out! This is our way of improving your chances of getting picked and the foster owner's chances that you've at least seen their rules before requesting.

Remember that you might not be the only one asking to adopt that pet, so make your case noticeable, yet honest -- our foster owners are looking for someone who will take good care of their adoptees so that they never get abandoned or neglected again. For more help on applying for an adoptee, read this.

How do I adopt?
The following steps usually happen in any normal adoption:

Step 1: Click on - Adopt me! - under the adoptee's image in our listings, and tell the foster owner why they should pick you. If the link goes to a rules page instead of the foster owner's neomail, make sure you follow the rules listed before requesting to adopt or you may just blow your chances. (Don't forget to take our Pledge of Good Ownership.) Please do not neomail any other account, or you may be ignored. For pet application help, read this.

Step 2: If you're chosen, ask the foster parent if they'd be willing to use one of their transfers to directly send you the pet. As there are a limited number of transfers available to each account in a month, you may have to wait a while before you both are able to complete a transfer. A direct transfer will always be your best option to adopt your new pet safely!

If you're going to chance a pound adoption, read onwards - for a direct transfer, steps 3 to 6 are not required - just thank the foster parent and enjoy your new pet!

To try a pound adoption, first agree on a time to "meet" on an instant messenger with your new pet's current foster parent.

Step 3: At your meeting time, make sure you have enough NP on hand to adopt. The pound fees vary depending on the pet's level, so find out exactly what it will be here.

Step 4: Have the pound search url open in your browser (make sure you fill in the capitalized part with the pet's name!):

Step 5: When the foster owner tells you to, keep refreshing that page!

Step 6: As soon as you see the pet in the pound, hit the big adopt button down at the bottom right hand side of the page. This will prompt a pop up window. Press Enter or the Space Bar as soon as this pops up to ensure you get the pet as fast as possible.

Tips for Pound Adoptions: Adopt late at night (NST) -- not as many people are online. Make sure you give your undivided attention (don't chat with someone else at the same time, etc.). Ask the foster owner to count down and say "GO" just before putting their adoptee in the pound, so you can synchronize the exact moment. Above all, be informed and be quick!

Disclaimer: Please remember that direct transfer is always the best way to move a pet from one account to another. TNO is not responsible for a pound transfer failing. Once a pet is placed in the pound, it is available for any other user refreshing there to see and adopt.

I requested a pet ages ago! Why haven't they responded?
There are a few possibilities:

a) The foster owner could be getting too many requests, and is just ignoring the ones they reject or that don't meet their requirements (though we strongly suggest to them to reply to all applications, even if it is to reject). Note: To help get noticed, read this.

b) The username you're neomailing isn't the one that's linked to on the site. Make sure you only apply via the - Adopt me! - link -- that is the one submitted to us by the foster owner as their most active account, and may not be the same as their foster account. If the link goes to a rules page, the proper contact link should be listed on the rules page.

c) The foster owner is no longer active either in TNO or Neopets or both. If this is the case, please
e) The foster owner has listed in their rules that they prefer to be contacted via other methods (ex: email, chat, forums, form) to make sure you've read their rules and/or fit the type of owner they're looking for.

We ask that you give it a week at minimum before jumping to conclusions -- we do have lives off of Neopets, and the foster owner may just be away for a short bit. Make sure you know how to browse the Orphanage:

Click to see the Adoptee Profile Key

How can I improve my chances of getting the pet I want?
It's a competitive world out there, especially when it comes to adopting Neopets. You have to really stand out for a foster owner to pick you! Here are a few ways you can shine (though none are obligated unless stated in your chosen adoptee's rules). Note: These will not guarantee you are chosen by the foster owner -- they are only tips on how to get more noticed. Don't follow any advice you are not comfortable following.

- Follow the foster owner's rules (if applicable).

- GET YOUR REQUEST EVALUATED! Ahem, well, it's a good idea. We even keep a log of who actually got evaluations, so you can prove you got one. There is little worse to foster owners than getting a horrid application after all the work they put into their adoptees. Would you let a perfect stranger who sent you "Can I plz have it?" adopt your pet? Find out more here.

- Do your application in a form other than neomail, like a webpage or comic. Creativity is a great asset and shows you'd go that extra mile to get noticed.

- Pretty up your account for your (hopefully) new pet. Remember that our foster owners really want the best home for their adoptees, after all the suffering they've gone through. Just because your application was outstanding doesn't mean they're not going to go searching for the proof to your promises! Be sure to note them in your application.

    Do you have the Pledge of Good Ownership somewhere visible?

    Do you have other Neopets that are ready for a new sibling?

    Do you have toys and/or a petpet ready (display them in your gallery and note that in your application)?

    Do you have a customization goal for your new Neopet?

    Do you have a neohome to house your Neopet? Even a Neoroom just for him/her?

    Is your lookup one that will please your new Neopet?

    Do you have a petpage/lookup all ready for him/her (note in your application where the foster owner can preview these things)?
- Show that you are financially ready for a new pet. Our foster owners want to know you can actually afford and possibly spoil their adoptees. No starving pets! Here are ways to prove you know your way around Neopia and know how to earn NP.

    Have a fully stocked and priced shop and/or an impressive gallery.

    Earn some trophies.

    Play lots of games to rack up scores in your lookup.

    Provide other usernames you own that have been on Neopets a long time.

- Show that you know how to take care of your current pets. This lets foster owners know that their adoptee will be in good hands with you because you already have bright and happy pets.

    Give your pets personalized petpages/lookups.

    Train your pets/read books to them/employ them at the Employment Agency.

    Make sure they're not sick or down in HP.

    Give them a room in your Neohome.

    Get a high Battledome score for your pets.

    Customize your current pets with wearable neoitems.

Someone else adopted my pet! How do I get him/her back?
Unfortunately, since most of the Neopets at the pound are unpainted, quite weak, and low on levels, our adoptees will be stand-outs for sure. Neopets has a stipulation that makes it so we can't guarantee you'll get the pet you've requested. Now, I know the whole point is finding an owner that will keep the Neopet, but it's just not cool for those owners who really had their heart set on a specific pet. That's why I stress using the safe transfers, rather than moving pets through the pound.

If you still end up missing the mark, we're sorry, but all we can do is neomail the new owner and kindly ask for the pet back. If they refuse, there's nothing anyone can do. Just be happy that the pet has found a permanent home, even if it's not with you. Also, do not attempt to buy back the pet. It's most likely a scam and that person should be reported.

What are Application Reviewers?
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